This time, the Devil wore a dark blue suit and a spray tan! Oscar-winner Meryl Streep’s Donald Trump impersonation at Public Theater’s annual gala with Christine Baranski’s Hillary Clinton had the audience in chuckles.

The event explores Shakespeare’s influence on America. Streep and Baranski took the opportunity to perform a rendition of “Brush Up Your Shakespeare” from the film “Kiss Me Kate.” Her performance had the audience completely bowled over.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the “Mama Mia” actress sang “Brush Up Your Shakespeare” with Baranski. However, the song from “The Taming of the Shrew” is traditionally sung by male gangsters. It gives a bunch of hacks and tips to guys to successfully woo a girl by reciting lines from Shakespeare.

According to Bloomberg, around 100,000 people attend the gala every year. This time was no different. The year’s main attractions were “Taming of the Shrew” and “Troilus and Cressida.” Inquisitr states that the audience included performers such as Corey Stoll just to watch and Meryl Streep did not disappoint.

She was unrecognizable as Trump. She was spot on with his voice and other details such as the tan lines around the eyes and a crazy, messy hairpiece. She donned the trademark long red tie and had pillows stuffed inside her shirt. And while she sang “You’ll let me know, why all the women say no,” the audience couldn’t help but applaud.

Streep was also a hit with social media fans. “Meryl Streep becomes fat and orange to impersonate Trump – she’s awesome,” said Twitter user Steven Rattner. “Meryl Streep mocking Trump last night. She gets cooler every year,” tweeted Jason Narducy. “Meryl Streep aka Donald Trump. Priceless,” said Yannis. “meryl streep as donald trump OMG U SLAY KWEEN,” said Myara. “Meryl Streep dressed as Donald Trump last night and it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen,” added another Twitter user.

This is not the first time for Streep to play a political character. She has played the roles of Margaret Thatcher and Emmeline Pankhurst in her career.

Here are more fan reactions on Twitter about Meryl Streep’s Trump impersonation: