Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has gained another unlikely group of supporters from China that is continuously growing in numbers.

The outspoken billionaire is one of the most polarizing figures in the world, often receiving scorn from his peers and supporters from his rival opponents for his controversial comments and opinions.

To see that Trump has fans in China may come off as surprising to some, considering that he criticized the U.S.’s trade relationship with the Asian country, describing it as “rape.” He has also said repeatedly that China should cease taking jobs in the U.S.

“I think Donald Trump has the guts to say things that normal people in the rest of society fear to say,” said Gu Yu, a young technology entrepreneur. Gu adds that Americans should put trust in the presumptive Republican nominee.

Gu is a part of a group of Chinese fans that are small but vocal. These fans have founded small groups over on Weibo, a Chinese social media website, which includes names such as “Donald J Trump Superfans Nation,” according to CNN.

Over on Zhihu, which is China’s own version of a question-and-answer website similar to that of Quora, users have posted questions about him that have reached up to 500.

Users were asked about their opinions about Trump’s speeches against China, how Trump’s rise will affect American democracy and other questions that show that these supporters have been keeping a close eye on the campaign.

Trump also proved to be the most discussed candidate, with his rivals namely Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders only garnering about less than 200 questions each. John Kasich, who dropped out of the presidential race earlier this month, had none.

Despite having many supporters, China has already created a warning against Trump winning the U.S. presidency, urging the public to think about the consequences if that were to happen.