The New York primary results are out and Donald Trump is the winner on the Republican side. The win could allow Trump to walk away with the state’s 95 delegates, which means he will not have to face a contested convention in July for securing the party’s nomination.

With 98 percent of the state’s precincts reporting, Trump has already won 89 delegates and more than 60 percent of votes. Trump will be required to win a majority in all of the state’s 27 congressional districts to be able to win all the delegates.

“We’re going to end at a very high level and get a lot more delegates than anybody projected even in their wildest imaginations,” the CNN quoted Trump as saying in a victory speech from Trump Tower. “We’re going to go into the convention I think as the winner.”

Trump’s closest rivals at the Republican party nomination race, Ted Cruz and John Kasich, have not been able to make it even close. Kasich has secured 25 percent of the votes so far and Cruz is stuck as low as 14.5 percent.

New York has the second biggest number of delegates after California. But all the 95 delegates won’t be allotted to the winner automatically, the Vox reported. Of the total number of delegates, 14 were allotted to statewide votes. Trump has won all of those 14 delegates by securing more than 50 percent statewide votes.

In the past few weeks, Trump faced a strong competition from Cruz. This led to Trump’s frustration as he watched Cruz win. But after Tuesday’s New York primary, Trump was again back in a position to dismiss Cruz.

“We don’t have much of a race anymore,” Trump said. “Sen. Cruz is just about mathematically eliminated.”

However, Cruz decided not to seek a recount of the Missouri primary which was held on March 15, Cruz’s campaign manager Jeff Roe confirmed on Tuesday. Cruz lost to Trump by a mere 0.2 percent in the Missouri primary, the CJ Online reported.