A 19-year-old Briton has been charged with trying to snatch a police officer’s gun to kill US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at a Las Vegas rally.

Authorities confirmed that a complaint has been filed against Michael Steven Sandford in the US District Court in Nevada on Monday. According to the complaint, the man tried to snatch a gun from a police officer on a June 18 rally held at Mystere Theatre in the Treasure Island Casino on account of the US presidential elections 2016. According to Al Jazeera, the report stated that the man possessed a British driving license.

Following his arrest, Sandford told a Secret Service agent that he had come from California for the Las Vegas rally only with an intention “to kill Trump.” He also admitted that he spend a whole day at a gun range to learn how to shoot as it was the first time he was trying it. He added that he fired 20 rounds from a Glock 9mm pistol while learning how to shoot. “Sandford acknowledged that he would likely only be able to fire one to two rounds and stated he was convinced he would be killed by law enforcement during his attempt on Trump’s life,” the complaint said.

A federal magistrate said on Monday that the British man was a threat to the community and “a risk of non-appearance.” The Department of Justice spokesperson confirmed that the judge gave his verdict and said that the 19-year-old will be imprisoned without any possibility for bail. The spokesperson also confirmed the nationality of the man and said he was from Britain.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of Britain said that the authorities were properly being assisted in the matter. It is, however, believed that the British authorities have also been informed about the Trump “killing” incident for their turn to involve on Sunday.

According to The Guardian, the attempt to murder Donald Trump case’s preliminary hearing has been scheduled on July 5.