Donald Trump  hinted on running independently soon after Sen. Ted Cruz made a huge political display against him. On Feb. 15, Monday, Trump issued a statement saying that  the Republican National Committee would be in default of their pledge to him if they choose not to condemn Senator Cruz’ attacks.

Cruz’ barrage included that of statements saying that Trump plans to erase the Second Amendment by appointing a new secretary of the Supreme Court, on top of the allegations that Trump is only pretending to be a Republican, CS Monitor reported.

Trump, in response, slammed Cruz for these statements and threatened to break his pledge with the RNC.

The billionaire Presidentiable said that the RNC is in default, which means that the other side can do what they have to do. He further noted that at the end of the day RNC will always be controlled. Despite the personals attacks against one another, RNC replied by saying that they would treat Cruz fairly.

According to legal experts, there will not be any legal repercussions should Trump withdraw from his pledge from the RNC. Kyle Kondik, an expert political analyst, said that the pledge which Trump holds as proof is not a legally binding contract, Think Progress reported.

Apart from threatening the party, Trump expressed his strong feelings for what Cruz said about him. Trump said that Cruz is a lying and unstable individual and was quick to slam the statement about the SC appointment saying that he will appoint a liberal judge. In the part where he was accused of not being a true Republican and that he supports Obamacare, he said that he has spoken about replacing the system.

Trump further answered all that Cruz told about him in public, said that among the candidates he is the strongest and that he will build a real wall that would battle against illegal immigration and ISIS. He also emphasized that he will give focus on the Military forces, as well as the war veterans. More than anything else, Trump announced that he is the only person who can make America great again.