GOP frontrunner Donald Trump on Thursday said in reference to North Carolina’s bathroom law that transgender people shouldn’t be stopped from using the bathroom they feel most comfortable with. He added that it would apply to the Trump Tower as well.

Trump’s statement was made at a town hall-style event organised by NBC’s “Today” show in Manhattan on Thursday. North Carolina’s controversial bathroom law requires transgender people to use the bathroom that corresponds to the sex on their birth certificates.

The bathroom law, which was brought into effect by North Carolina’s governor Pat McCrory last month, was widely criticised by businesses and celebrities.

“You leave it the way it is. There have been very few complaints the way it is. People go, they use the bathroom that they feel is appropriate. There has been so little trouble,” the Washington Post quoted Trump as saying on NBC’s “Today” show on Thursday. “And the problem with what happened in North Carolina is the strife and the economic. … I mean, the economic punishment they’re taking.”

When asked if the Trump organisation employs transgender people, he said he doesn’t know but added, “probably I do.” He said that if Caitlyn Jenner walked into Trump Tower, she can use any bathroom she feels comfortable with, the New York Times reported.

Trump’s comments were criticised by Texas Senator and Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz.

“He thought that men should be able to go into the girls’ bathrooms if they want to,” the CNN quoted Cruz as saying at a rally. “Grown adult men — strangers — should not be alone in a bathroom with little girls. And that’s not conservative. That’s not Republican or Democrat. That’s basic common sense.” The Texas senator noted Trump’s comments as a “stark illustration” of why the conservatives shouldn’t vote for him.

“I guess he’s showing us what that looked like,” Cruz said. “I am waiting with anticipation for the new baseball caps: “Make PC Great Again. “