Donald Trump was never asked by anyone regarding the recently filed criminal complaint by a reporter against his campaign manager during his latest appearances on CBS, CNN and Fox News.

Following a weekend that has been marked by chaos at his campaign rallies, Trump appeared on four TV networks on Sunday. He was not made to face some questions regarding his own responsibility in initiating the charged environment that is now exploding in his campaign trail. He was also not asked of his part on the treatment of his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski of news reporter Michelle Fields during a press conference held in Florida last week.

The camp of Republican presidential candidate Trump already denied the allegation, claiming that no incident like that has ever happened. On early Thursday, a Trump spokesperson issued a statement saying that they are leaving the issue to others if this was part of a bigger design of exaggerating events.

According to the Breitbart reporter Fields, Lewandowski, the campaign manager of Trump, grabbed her arm which later left her with some bruises. Fields’ allegation was denied by Lewandowski. He even accused the news reporter that she was only fabricating a story to detract attention from the campaign, Chicago Tribune reported.

Trump, during the CNN Republican debate, was never asked regarding the incident. However, he told the reporters right after the event that according to “the Secret Service, nothing ever happened.”

The Republican candidate’s answer on Thursday, including the one he gave in his Sunday morning interview, indicated that there are new developments unfolding regarding the incident. Fields has already filed a report on Friday with the Jupiter Police Department. Moreover, an announcement was made by the department that confirmed that there is an ongoing investigation. Also, there are new videos that recently appeared which showed several angles that could give light to the incident that happened,  Deadline reported.