A new poll reveals that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump now has the edge over his main rival, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, by 0.2 points.

Based on a poll conducted by Real Clear Politics, the opinionated billionaire defeated the former first lady and Secretary of State in three out of five national polls.

However, Trump is still behind the Democratic Party’s other contender for the presidential race – Bernie Sanders – by 10.8 points. The Vermont senator proved victorious over the controversial presumptive nominee in every single national poll.

Trump’s sudden surge in the polls echoes his growing number of supporters ever since several of his main opponents dropped out of the race. This comes even after his candidacy has been plagued with noteworthy disputes.

In a recent poll, 58 percent of Americans deemed him unqualified to lead the country; 60 percent are not in favor of him overall; 76 percent feel that he shows little to no respect to people he argues with; and 64 say that he should release his tax returns, according to ABC News.

This year’s US elections is proving to be the tightest and most controversial yet, with citizens completely divided as to who should be the rightful candidate to succeed current President Barack Obama who will step down from office after the elections in November.

Clinton has the votes of the blacks and Hispanics, while Trump has significant backing from the whites.

Politicians in the United States and all over the world have also weighed in on the tight race. Australian Labor leader Bill Shorten publicly backed Clinton to win the presidency, slamming Trump in the process.

Shorten believes that the presumptive nominee will be a president who will be “difficult to deal with.” Regardless of his opinions against Trump, he asserted that Australia will work with whoever will win the elections.