British MPs across all parties in the United Kingdom have criticized US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for his remarks on Muslims but agreed that implementing a ban on him from the country would go against freedom of speech. The debate was drawn over a petition signed by 575,000 people calling for a ban on Trump from entering the UK.

According to the MPs, Trump should be allowed to enter Britain where his views can be criticized. They believe that banning him he would give him more popularity. It would also be inappropriate for Britain to get involved in the affairs of the US.

The BBC reported that Labor MP Paul Flynn said Trump’s call for closing down the US borders to Muslims across the world was “very dangerous,” but at the same time banning him from the UK can create a wrong impression of the country as anti-American.

However, Scottish National Party MP Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh justified the ban on grounds of religious harmony.

The three-hour meeting at the Westminster Hall committee room concluded without even one vote in favor of the petition. The government stood firmly against imposing a ban on Trump’s arrival in the UK.

“It is in the UK’s interests that we engage all presidential candidates, Democratic and Republican, even though we may disagree profoundly on important issues,” the Guardian quoted Home Office minister James Brokenshire as saying. “Where there are clear differences of opinion, the most effective way to influence our America partners is through a frank and open exchange of views, in taking on those arguments. And today’s robust debate has, I think, provided a platform to do just that.”

Trump’s comment on Muslims followed a terror attack in San Bernardino, California, in December, which involved two Muslim individuals. His calls for sealing the US borders to all Muslims, until the authorities sort out the situation, sparked global outrage. Trump also said that some parts of the UK are so radicalized that even the police are scared of going there.