The Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence has released a report on Wednesday in which it has suggested 227 recommendations for improving the ways to which the state could handle family/domestic violence matters.

The report was presented to the state government on Tuesday. The Australian reported that among the recommendations are the establishment of domestic violence crisis centres “safety hubs,” the renovation of the courts’ proceeding in concerned matters as well as improved sharing of information between agencies.

The findings of the report aim for further testing by the Daniel Andrews government with a demand for the government to offer significant funds for this aim in the 2017 budget. “The Government and its departments and agencies must treat family violence as a core area of responsibility instead of a problem that can be addressed through programs that exist at the margins of portfolios or solely through small specialist units,” the report stated. “This will require a genuine commitment to a whole-of-government approach to stop family violence, support victims and hold the perpetrators accountable.”

Following the release of the report, Justice Marcia Neave spoke to the media and emphasised the suggested reforms. She also informed everyone about the setting up of 17 safety hubs across the state for universal help to victims.”People from aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds, older people, people particularly woman with disabilities, people in gay and lesbian and transgender relationships; all of these people find barriers when seeking help,” Neave said as quoted by 9 News.

“We recommend the establishment of 17 support and safety hubs in Victoria. People can be referred to hubs by anyone. In the hub, they will have their safety needs assessed and supported until they can be linked to the services they need. We recommend the establishment of a central information point which will funnel information,” she added.

The report also focused on children who fall prey to the incidents, accounting to one-third of the domestic violence cases.