Chaos descended on the opening night of the much-anticipated Dolan Twins Tour that resulted in multiple injuries and hospitalization of fans.

The Dolan Twins opened their 4OU World Tour for fans at the iPlay Event Center in Freehold, New Jersey last June 4, BBC Newsbeat reported. Anticipation among fans had built up since the brothers made the announcement in April. The boys also had a chance to promote their tour during their first television interview. Yet in light of recent events, would the rest of the tour be cancelled?

No one expected the commotion that ensued after the Dolan Twins took off their shirts on stage. Fans immediately pushed to the front while others fainted, the publication wrote. Consequently, the show was stopped to let emergency medical services attend to those wounded.

Ethan Dolan sent out a plea to their fans following the incident via Twitter. He requested “every beautiful fan” to relax and take their seats. He also reminded everyone that they’re all a family and that they wanted the show to proceed as scheduled.

The venue, iPlay America, also released a statement about the incident at the Dolan Twins Tour. It stated that crowding at the stage led to panic among fans and some complained of loss of breath. They also took the precaution to call for ambulances but no serious injuries were reported. However, the Jersey Shore University Medical Center confirmed that one fan was sent to the hospital for treatment.

Twenty-eight injuries were accounted for, according to Page Six. The publication cited details from Asbury Park Press that quoted Police Officer Daniel Rehberg who recounted the incident. Injuries ranged from ankle wounds and bloody noses while others hyperventilated due to the crush. Seven fans were hospitalized and the girls’ ages ranged from 11 to 15 years old. The police were called in fifteen to thirty minutes after the show began at 7 p.m. then authorities took over to restore order at the venue.

“Everyone settled down once we got on stage and told everyone ‘please settle down,'” Rehberg told the publication. The show went on afterwards and Ethan tweeted his gratitude at the end.

Teens who attended the event said the concert venue was overcrowded. Some fans shared their experiences on social media. Given their status as social media stars, the size of the venue might not have been enough to handle their fans, Vanity Fair noted.