The Dolan Twins took time out of their busy summer tour schedule to post their hilariously shocking YouTube video for this week.

Ethan and Grayson Dolan posted this week’s upload entitled “Shock Collar Spelling Bee!” HollywoodLife reported. Although it may sound scholastic, the video definitely offered a few painful surprises for the adorable twins. This time around, the boys test their aptitude for spelling in a competition. However, the introduction of shock collar certainly raised the stakes.

Each brother prepared seven words for the other to spell out. Every wrong spelling merits a zap to a particular body part. Moreover, they turned up the amount of shock to the maximum level. The punishment for the loser was harsher. He would have to put on both shock collars and run around the dog park while being zapped by the other. Apparently, the whole challenge was Ethan’s idea.

“As you can tell by the title of this video, we’re playing with shock collars [and] we’re doing a spelling bee. Ethan picked this challenge, obviously, I would never pick this,” Grayson said.

“I’m pretty excited about this challenge because Grayson s**ks at spelling,” Ethan revealed. However, his younger twin brother vowed to remain positive despite his chances. Round one went well for both brothers as they spelled their words correctly. However, Grayson tripped his spelling of “jeopardy” and was the first to get shocked in the second round. Yet he tripped his brother in the third round with “sesquipedalian.”

Despite his earlier confidence, Ethan had trouble spelling as the thought of a zap to his leg left him scared. He eventually declared his disgust for the game by round four that also gave him a shock for misspelling “mayonnaise.”
The Dolan Twins tied the game with three mistakes each by the end of the sixth round. However, Ethan’s nerves got the best of him and he misspelled “avocado” with hilarious consequences.

“Yes! Yes! I won, dude I won this spelling bee guys! Off to the dog park we go,” Grayson declared. Perhaps this latest video could be Grayson’s payback for Ethan’s epic prank on him a few months back.

The next stop on the Dolan Twins Tour is at the House of Blues in Chicago, Illinois on June 18. Although a mishap during their opening night threatened to cancel the tour, the recent stop at Paramount thrilled fans who screamed their adoration for the twins, News Day reported.

Watch Ethan navigate the dog obstacle course at the park while being zapped by Grayson the whole time.