The Dolan Twins invaded television! The YouTube sensation siblings debuted on Extra TV for a chat with hosts Charissa Thompson and Mario Lopez. Fans will surely go nuts over their revelations about girlfriends and their upcoming tour.

The Dolan Twins headed to Hollywood last Wednesday, Extra TV reported. Fans had no clue about their first television interview as neither Ethan nor Grayson let on about it on social media. Ethan only hinted about it days before that they were on a plane with no idea where they were going.

The brothers looked at ease seated next to Lopez with the backdrop of the rotating Universal Studios’ globe. They breezed through some small talk with the host like experts and kept on going from there. The boys revealed how they got started writing their own skits at seven years old.

The Dolan Twins began making Vine videos in 2013, Heavy wrote. Their older sister filmed and edited their videos at the time. As it turns out, Dolan Twins’ fans have her to thank for encouraging them to try out social media apps.

When asked what set them apart from one another, Grayson revealed his brother was shyer than he was. Moreover, he revealed his blonde highlights made it easier to tell who was who. Lopez then asked the question most of their female fans want to know, “are you dating anyone at the moment?”

“No, we’re single,” the brothers replied, laughing. “I don’t think our fans would love it so much if we had girlfriends, but we’re just chillin’ hanging with friends and we’ve met great friends through this as well,” Grayson added.

However, Ethan did spill the beans after Lopez pressed on about a man’s needs and going out once in a while. “Yeah, I guess so,” Ethan replied. Ultimately, the Dolan Twins revealed their intention to become movie actors. The brothers also shared details about their upcoming tour that promises meet and greets with their fans.

“On stage, we’re basically trying to make our YouTube videos come to life. We’re doing the crazy challenges that we do in our weekly videos, live,” Grayson revealed. Watch their full interview here.