A friendly, much-loved black labrador was stabbed 19 times in a frenzied attack in a Melbourne backyard, reported AAP.

Owner Alberto Chavarria was confronted with the grisly scene when he arrived at his Jells Rd home about 6.15pm on Wednesday, according to Herald Sun.

Six-year-old Wilbur was found by his owner Alberto Chavarria in a pool of blood in his Wheelers Hill backyard on Wednesday night.

“I didn’t know what to do … I expected him to come see me, but he was in a pool of blood,” Mr Chavarria told reporters on Friday.

He said Wilbur was a quiet, well-trained dog who loved everybody he met, and they loved him back.

“So I looked through the glass door and saw the barbecue was tipped over and Wilbur was lying on the floor.” There were also broken pot plants in the backyard.

Mr Chavarria rushed Wilbur to the vet, but his companion of four years was unable to be saved.

Wilbur was trained to be an airport sniffer dog but failed the test so he was adopted, Mr Chavarria said.

“Everybody who met him really loved him,” he said.

“He was a really, really good dog to have.”

Detective Senior Constable Warren Atkinson said there was no sign of a break-in and investigators didn’t know why Wilbur was so viciously attacked.

“It’s just vicious, it’s horrible. I have a black lab at home and I hate to think someone could go into someone’s private residence and do this to a family pet,” he said.

Mr Chavarria said he had no suspicions as to who attacked Wilbur and Sen Const Atkinson said police were trying to uncover a motive.

“It does appear to be random, however, it occurred in the victim’s backyard, his private backyard, and with the frenzy of the attack it does have the feeling of being somehow personal,” he said.

He said there are indications that it was personal.

RSPCA senior Inspector Daniel Bode said it was a sickening attack.

“To die like this is absolutely horrendous,” Mr Bode said.

Those found guilty for similar offences can spend up to two years in jail or be fined up to $75,000, he said.