With flicks like Exorcist and Conjuring, we are no new to the concept of shooing away evil spirits from possessed humans aka exorcism. To a great extent, these movies have reinforced the faith in these rituals in many of us.

Taking exorcism to a different level altogether, a spa in Japan has come up with something unique. It is offering dog exorcism. Don’t rub your eyes! You read it right. There is a growing concern of pet owners about their dogs’ spiritual health. Are pet dogs in Japan possessed at a certain age? Let’s find out!

Owners of pet dogs who fret about their pooches’ spiritual wellbeing, now can seek the help of a priest who will perform a ceremony. Call it bizarre or unique, this service is offered by the pet spa D+ Kirishima. Amidst exotic food spread, lavish baths, and swanky stay, the spa extends its assistance to settle down dogs that are deemed to be struggling with possessions.

The Japanese spa, in Kagoshima Prefecture, which is famed for offering pampering service to pets, has introduced this new service, called Pup exorcisms. Now it lists a Shinto priest in its attendants ready to assist pets beset by bad spirits.

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The “Pet Dog Exorcism Plan” listed on the spa’s website is recommended for dogs in their “unlucky health years,” Toronto Sun reports . The official website of the spa explains about the package and says “Seven-year-old, 10-year-old, and 13-year-old dogs need to be careful of their health, as it’s easier in those years for them to gets diseases of ageing,”

Following due rituals, the priest will perform the ceremony on the possessed dog in front of the holy Shingariyu Shrine and pray for its future health.

The exorcism ritual lasts for about 30 minutes with the spa charging 31,000 yen (£235) per room, for two people and their pet. It also includes breakfast and dinner, besides exorcism.

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Not just for the dogs, the spa facilitates relaxation for humans along with their pets in a mineral-rich bath pool. Well, that’s not all. It also offers ‘alone time’ for dogs with a new private swimming pool dedicated to pups, is added as a new feature of the facility.

If you are worried about your pooch for being possessed, dog exorcism is at your service. Are you heading to Japan? Share your views here.