Both “Descendants of the Sun” and “Doctors” are making huge waves across Asia.

Here are some similarities and differences of the two K-dramas.

Success and Popularity

“Descendants of the Sun” had already proven its worth among viewers. The KBS series reached a phenomenal 38.8 percent rating when it aired its season one finale in April. DOTS has been considered as one of the best Korean dramas to date. It was a major hit in South Korea and also received immensely across Asia.

“Doctors,” on the other hand, has just started airing few weeks ago. Many are expecting that the show will surpass the success of DOTS. “Doctors” already topped the viewership rating for two consecutive days. Its premiere episode recorded a 12.9 percent in viewership ratings in Korea, while its second episode took 14.2 percent.

Aside from Korea, “Doctors” also airs in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. It also available via live streaming in Singapore.


The two shows also have similarities in characters. In DOTS, actress Song Hye Kyo, played the role of female surgeon Kang Mo-yeon. On the SBS show, Kim Rae Won and Park Shin-hye portrayed the role of Dr. Hong Ji-hong and Dr. Yoo Hye-jung, respectively.


Aside from their respective TV soap, actors of both series are also making movies.

“Descendants of the Sun” actor Song Joong Ki will play the role of Park Moo Young in the movie, “Battleship Island.”

Last year, Kim Rae Won took home the ”Actor of the Year” award for the Korean drama movie “Punch.” He has several other awards under his name including two awards for his excellent acting skills.

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Set Location

Both soaps have hospital setting.

“Doctors” was mainly film in South Korea, while actors of “Descendants of the Sun” had their first scene shot in Korean. The entire cast and crew then lived in Greece for a month to film some crucial scenes to the storyline.

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The production cost of DOST reportedly reached 13 billion won (approximately $10.8 million), while “Doctors” has yet to release its production cost.


Both K-soap have passionate fan base.

The chemistry between Song Hye-Kyo and on-screen partner Song Joong Ki is undeniably what made fans tune in.

Kim Rae Won’s tandem with Park Shin Hye, on the other hand, is likewise luring viewers to the show.

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“Doctors” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10:00 p.m KST. Meanwhile, there is no confirmation yet if there will be a season two for “Descendants of the Sun”.