Fans are expecting that Korean drama “Doctors” will follow the success of “Descendants of the Sun”. After five episodes aired, reports mentioned that it continues to top viewership ratings. It seems Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye eventually won the hearts of many.

Below, we round up surprising facts on the Korea drama’s lead actor, Kim Rae Won.

1. He wanted to be a doctor.

In the new Korean drama, Kim Rae Won stars as a doctor who serves as a mentor to Park Shin Hye. When the two met in the series, things have changed for Park Shin Hye’s character. Although Kim Rae Won has been known for his talent in acting, he had a different career in mind before entering the world of entertainment. He considered exploring the field of medicine as it runs in their blood.

“I did also consider studying medicine once. There are a lot of doctors in my family, so if I hadn’t become an actor, I probably would have become a doctor,” he told media, as quoted by International Business Times SG.

2. Park Shin Hye is one of his fans!

The popular South Korean actress admitted that she’s a fan of Kim Rae Won ever since. However, despite the age difference, working with him was not a challenge for her. She revealed that he was “very kind” and “caring” on set. Likewise, she added that she can rely on Kim Rae Won, Manila Bulletin reported.

3. He is versatile in acting.

“Doctors” Director Oh Chung Hwan admitted his hesitation to give the role to Kim Rae Won. Known for his “strong” personality on “Punch,” Kim Rae Won surprised the director as he was able to portray his character well.

4. He isn’t afraid of challenges.

Kim Rae Won revealed that he was once cast a disable child but it didn’t work out. When asked for future roles he’d want to try, he hopes to take the same challenge again. He sees the role as an opportunity to grow as an actor.

5. He won several awards in acting.

Since 1999, he won awards such as “Best Actor,” “Excellence Award, Actor,” and recently,”Actor of the Year” in 2015 for Korean drama “Punch.”

“Doctors” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10:00 p.m KST on the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS).

Watch “Doctors” teaser below: