Upcoming “Doctor Who Spin-off Class” will feature an LGBT couple, revealed its young-adult author and creator Patrick Ness. The series hinted alien invasion. as well.

Though the new “Spin-off Class” is scheduled to premiere fall 2016, the channel hasn’t released too many details about the characters in Class. However, the series writer provides a watchtower to the fans to see what’s there in the show.

In the middle of paying his own personal tributes to those who lost their lives and loved ones in the tragic mass shooting in Orlando, Ness revealed a few updates on his Twitter page, of his new BBC drama. He believes that keeping things secretive to the viewers is far less important to him than addressing queries about the LGBT representation in the show.


He started the Twitter thread rhetorically asking: “Been asked if Class will have LGBT representation in it. Will a lead character with a boyfriend who he kisses & sleeps with & loves do?”


International Business Times has learned that his twitter page quickly got overflowed with a huge number of positive response from the viewers.

Ness replied writing: “Gosh, what a lovely response! I just want to try and tell stories about characters I love. That’s how I start anything.”



This is not the first time in Doctor Who spin-off that features an LGBT character to lead a Whovian story-line. The most well-known is John Barrowman’s pansexual character Captain Jack Harkness, in Torchwood.  This fan-favorite front-runner showed his romantic interest in Gareth David-Lloyd’s Ianto Jones. While it has not yet been known, yet which character will portray a homosexual orientation, this time. Screenrant reports.

Patrick Ness also dropped hints on aliens’ invasion in the series. Another major hit topic of recent time extraterrestrials and their existence.


The new “Spin-off Class” takes place at Coal Hill School, where Doctor Who companion Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) was once a teacher. The show will also feature The Night Manager‘s Katherine Kelly (Mr. Selfridge) who will play an influential teacher, with Greg Austin, Fady Elsayed, Sophie Hopkins and Vivian Oprah portraying students. The official synopsis reveals the show will follow the typical teenage struggles and drama, with the added pressure of the possible “end of existence.”