Peter Capaldi finally offered the best detail about Doctor Who Season 10 that many viewers have been wanting to know since its last episode aired.

Audiences have been eager to learn when Doctor Who Season 10 will premiere. Thus far, they have received various details about the production since it began filming a couple of months back. Spoilers from the Cardiff shoot showed the Time Lord’s new companion Bill (Pearl Mackie) immersed in her scenes for the upcoming episodes.

The latest set photos from yet another location proved helpful as well. To date, much of the storyline for the upcoming season is a secret. Local fans in Bristol shared shots from the set. The images were intriguing as they featured snow and a horse-drawn carriage reminiscent of those used during the 1800s. A fan’s tweet also revealed when the series starts. It captured Peter Capaldi as he socialized with fans who visited the set. Do note the period attire he wore.

Only seven months to go until Doctor Who Season 10 premieres, according to Radio Times, although, Whovians will get to enjoy the company of the Time Lord and the rest of the cast for this year’s Christmas special. Here is a roundup of what we know about the upcoming season so far.

– To this point, fans are certain Peter Capaldi is still the Time Lord regardless of constant speculations about his replacement.

– Aside from Pearl Mackie, the TARDIS also welcomes the company of Matt Lucas. The comedian is back for a longer run on the series to reprise his role as Nardole.

– Alas, Season 10 is Steven Moffat’s last run as showrunner of the sci-fi series. Hence, his remaining 13 episodes could be the best yet to come from Doctor Who.

Doctor Who Season 10 returns in April 2017.