Peter Capaldi could be the last man to play the role of Time Lord on Doctor Who season 10.

Filming for Doctor Who season 10 is currently underway in Cardiff. The first photos from the set certainly bode well for fans hyped for the show’s return in 2017. Their vigilance of locals also gave a glimpse into what viewers can expect in the coming episodes.

However, despite their anticipation, a big question still looms over the entire show. Talk about who would replace Peter Capaldi persists to date ever since rumors spread about his departure at the end of Doctor Who season 10.

Aidan Turner is one of the actors who is favored for the role. Although the Irishman reportedly turned it down in favor of Russell Tovey who is also a contender. Meanwhile, a recent suggestion from show runner Steven Moffat hinted the show might revisit one of its previous Time Lords. However, most fans of the long running sci-fi series seemed to disagree with his idea.

Then again, the actor Moffat spoke about offered his own opinion on who the show would choose to replace Peter Capaldi. Matt Smitth had this to say when asked what a girl had to do to become The Doctor during a live webchat for The Guardian.

“Well, she has a chance. I think a Lady Doctor could be close. And would be fun. So practice, practice, practice. And talk really fast. And think really fast. And be really brave. And mad. And silly. And good luck maybe it will be you!” Smith replied.

Smith also admitted that he missed being on the show. Moreover, he missed his everyone he worked and his time travels. However, Smith made it clear who the Time Lord is now and that he loves what Peter Capaldi does on the show. Thus, he is now just a fan like everyone else and perhaps eager for Doctor Who season 10 as well.