Peter Capaldi is busy working on Doctor Who eason 10. Yet a new contender for the role of Time Lord seemed quite eager to take his place.

Has speculations over Peter Capaldi’s plans after Doctor Who Season 10 driven the actor to quit? Not likely, as showrunner Steven Moffat suggested that the actor loves the role. Moreover, no signs would indicate the current Time Lord is exiting anytime soon. Hence, all seems well on the long-running series.

News of his exit came up following the announcement of Moffat’s own departure as showrunner. Yet Moffat assured early on that his withdrawal from the series was not concurrent with that of Capaldi’s. Regardless, the list of his possible replacement grows longer. Fans can likely expect more names added especially towards the end of Doctor Who Season 10. Then again, most aspirants for the role of Time Lord are speculative. Thus, the odds still point to Peter Capaldi.

However, a new contender has come forth. Moreover, he is quite vocal about his desire to play the role of Time Lord. BBC Two’s Versailles actor Alexander Vlahos made known his great interest in the character. Apparently, Vlahos previously met the show’s casting director Andy Pryor and Moffat.

Moreover, both are familiar with his work. Hence, his confusion at why they have not called him for the part. Vlahos surmised they are probably waiting for Peter Capaldi’s exit at the end of Doctor Who Season 10. It seems the actor wants to improve his chances with the hashtag #VlahosForWho. The 28-year-old certainly paints a different image of Doctor Who. Perhaps it is his attempt to modernize him and reach a wider audience.

“I’m definitely bringing back the Tom Baker hat… and I think my Doctor might rollerblade. Let’s make a little half-pipe in the TARDIS. That’d be amazing,” Vlahos jokingly told Digital Spy. Speculations about a lady doctor came forward prior to Vlahos’ claim to the role. Hence, anything could be possible after Doctor Who Season 10. Peter Capaldi celebrated his third year as the Time Lord last August 4.

Stay tuned for more updates about Doctor Who Season 10.