Speculations remain persistent regarding the departure of current Time Lord Peter Capaldi at the end of Doctor Who Season 10. Showrunner Steven Moffat might know the truth that would confirm or refute the rumors.

Production is currently underway for Doctor Who Season 10. As expected, Peter Capaldi is once again playing the lead role of Time Lord. He also has a new companion by his side, i.e., Pearl Mackie. Thus, everything seems to be in order. Moreover, fans can sit back and relax for the series premiere in 2017.

Yet the nagging question about Peter Capaldi’s exit seems to cast a shadow over Doctor Who Season 10. The recent tease of Steven Moffat about the possible comeback of a former doctor raised concern. Critics felt it would jeopardize the formula of the series that has evolved and adapted over the last 53 years. The latest suggestion by a former Time Lord pointed in a different direction for the series. While the concept of a female doctor has yet to be explored, the lineup of candidates is interesting.

Speculations began following the announcement of Jenna Coleman’s and Steven Moffat’s departures from the long-running series. At the time, Capaldi had not made the difficult decision to stay or leave. Moreover, he revealed his enjoyment with the role. As it turns out, Moffat is well aware of how much Capaldi loves playing the Time Lord. Hence, he knew beforehand that he was not going to write off Capaldi in Doctor Who Season 10.

“I have no reason to suppose that I’m writing out a Doctor. Peter is loving the role, and long may he do so,” Den of Geek cited a quote from Moffat’s interview in Doctor Who magazine. His main goal is to create a good season before turning the reins over to Chris Chibnall.

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