London’s Cartoon Museum is buzzing with its current “Doctor Who” exhibit by Target Books and even Peter Capaldi could not stay away. The current “Doctor Who” not only loved the exhibition but also had his own fan moments.

The “Doctor Who: The Target Books Artwork” exhibition is now on full steam at London’s Cartoon Museum. It consists of 30 key pieces of original cover artwork. This also includes six covers of new reissues.

The current Doctor, Peter Capaldi, attended the exhibition with Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. Capaldi clearly couldn’t mask his enthusiasm and had his fan moments. When he was asked about the artworks, he said he absolutely loved seeing those, states Doctor Who Watch.

“I loved seeing the covers because I thought in those days there really wasn’t very much merchandise around, so any kind of imaginative expression of ‘Doctor Who’ was very welcome,” said Capaldi. “And you can see that a lot of them seem to have a larger budget than the program,” he added.

While talking about a specific work featuring Roger Delgado, he was spot on with the description. “Roger Delgado as the Master down here is in front of a planet and a dark red sky, of the kind which the show at that time couldn’t afford,” said Capaldi.

Gizmodo reveals that the Target Books were a symbol of “Doctor Who” fandom in the early years. Hence, those associated with the series whether past and present could just not stay away. What makes Capaldi’s visit more interesting is that the current Doctor has been a nerdy fan of the show even before he was cast. According to an old Radio Times report, he wrote a fan letter in 1974, congratulating the show special.

Another Gizmodo report points that Capaldi is a good artist and once sketched a “Doctor Who” scene showing the Doctor skipping across an asteroid belt. He gifted the sketch to artist Rachael Stott of Titan Comics.