Doctor Who Season 10 welcomes Bill as the Time Lord’s new companion. She succeeded Clara Oswald who worked with the 11th and 12th doctors. Hence, it would be interesting to learn what she has to say about Bill.

Clara Oswald played by Jenna Coleman is certainly a familiar face to Whovians. Thus, her departure saddened many. Moreover, it raised concern as to who will take her place as the Time Lord’s new companion. Wild speculations rose as to who it could be, although it seemed Peter Capaldi was certain his new mate would not be a man.

Hence, the casting of British actress Pearl Mackie for Doctor Who Season 10 would be ideal. She described her character Bill as a bit of a geek yet casual, tough and sharp. She adds a breath of fresh air to the production and opens a different set of adventures for the series.

In contrast to Clara, Bill knows little of the Time Lord let alone what he does. Could this be a concern for Jenna Coleman? As it turns out, she has been in contact with Peter Capaldi to inquire how Bill was coming along in the new role.

“I’ve no idea, which is what’s really exciting! I spoke to Peter today and I know they’re shooting the new series, but I know nothing!” Jenna Coleman said. Then again, she revealed high hopes for her since she was certain Steven Moffat chose the right actor and the right person to carry out the part. Thus, her confidence in Moffat’s decision would add to the anticipation for the premiere of Doctor Who Season 10 next year. Coleman also seemed certain Clara’s return would not happen soon. She revealed the thought would likely raise Moffat’s blood pressure since her story just ended, Radio Times revealed.

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