Is Jenna Coleman making a comeback in season 10 of “Doctor Who?” Coleman, who played Clara Oswald, had erased the Time Lord’s memory in the Season 9 finale. However, it seems that she was not entirely successful.

Recent reports reveal that Jenna Coleman, Peter Capaldi’s former companion on “Doctor Who,” might be doing a cameo in Season 10.

The current Doctor and Jenna Coleman were speaking at the Awesome Con in Washington, DC. They were on the panel at the event when Capaldi let the news about Oswald’s pop-up slip by, states Gizmodo. “I’m not sure how successfully Clara was able to wipe his mind,” revealed Capaldi. “I just … I was about to tell you something I can’t tell you,” he teased. He eventually told fans that “I just shot something that Clara was still there in!”

Will Oswald have a flashback scene in one of the episodes in the new season? According to Tech Times, there are three possibilities. Fan favorite option is Coleman returning at some point in the series. This is because they believe that Oswald now travels through time and space. Another option could be the character being recalled as a mere memory during his adventures with his new companion. The last option could be Capaldi and Coleman shooting some scenes together for the “Doctor Who” spin-off series, “Class.” This makes sense because “Class” is set in a time before the companion’s death. The location is also the same school where Clara teaches.

Digital Spy informs that “Doctor Who” Season 10 starts shooting in two weeks. However, it will hit the screens next year and will introduce the new companion on the show. Fans have already started guessing about things that might take place in the next season of the show. Speculations are on about Captain Jack Harkness, as well as Missy, making a comeback.