One of the Time Lord’s many fans revisited his former companion Clara Oswald and presented a new theory about her likely link to River Song. Production is already underway on Doctor Who Season 10. However, could the latest theory be an additional plot to the series?

Various characters have come and gone throughout its long history. The show recently said goodbye to Clara Oswald at the end of Season 9, although a previous spoiler for Doctor Who Season 10 hinted at her possible cameo by way of a flashback. It remains uncertain if this would take place given the mystery surrounding the plot.

Yet could a theory posed by a Whovian be a plausible storyline for two former characters of the series? MonkeyMan504 wrote on Reddit a possible connection between Clara and River Song. Fans would recall the latter’s return on the recent special Christmas episode titled The Husbands of River Song. By contrast, MonkeyMan504’s theory looks at River Song’s wives.

“… I’d like to float the theory that River Song’s second wife is Clara Oswald. I’m basing this only on the line in the episode The Husbands of River Song. River mentions being married to two women. River meets Peter Capaldi’s Doctor and before knowing that he’s the Doctor and destined to meet him again, she states that the he reminds her of her second wife while he’s hyper-analyzing their situation,” stated part of the MonkeyMan504 post found on Reddit.

The post further posited their likely meeting at some point in time. Remember, Clara is supposedly traveling on her own through space and time. Moreover, it pointed out how she acted like the Doctor during her last season. While other Whovians might see a number of loopholes into the theory, it does bring to light a few interesting possibilities, according to Radio Times. First, it could be another Mickey and Martha union. Second, would it place them both in Doctor Who Season 10 for part two of The Wedding of River Song?

Could the latest theory about Clara and River be part of Doctor Who Season 10?