It has been months after Kevin Feige revealed that there will be an upcoming “Doctor Strange” film; Marvel fans and enthusiasts are maybe wondering about its progress. This might just be the good news for you, guys.  Some movie photos were reportedly leaked online featuring the movie’s lead star, Benedict Cumbercatch who is supposedly currently filming in Nepal.

Twitter user, Prayush Khadka was able to take a snapshot of Cumberbatch during the shoot. The photo has been shared on his account with more than a thousand of retweets and likes.

Khadka noted that it was his friend who took the photo.

“I know nothing more about it guys. A friend of mine took this photo. But it’s TRUE, he IS in Nepal. I think it’s his origin story,” as we quote from his account.

Meanwhile, some of his followers seemed to be doubtful if it is really Cumberbatch or was it really shot in Nepal. “The man looks more like Keanu Reeves,” one of his followers commented. “This is cinema- you can create Nepal in London,” wrote another.

However, Cinema Blend believed that the photo shows the real deal. They also added that by the looks of Cumberbatch- heavily bearded and his “disheleved appearance,” the scene might be of Dr. Stephen Strange before he became the protege of Ancient One in learning sorcery.

Well, aside from the leaked photo, the site also  provided a possible list of cast and crew. Chiwetel Ejiofor will be playing the antagonist Baron Mondo, Tilda Winton to play The Ancient One, Rachel Adams could be the Night Nurse.

On the other hand, Madd Mikkelsen is reportedly under negotiations with the production team, as well as Michael Stuhlbarg.

Notably, Marvel President Kevin Feige announced the film during Disney’s D23 Expo in Anaehim, along with the official trailer of “Captain America: Civil War,” iO9 reported.

“Doctor Strange” kicks off in theaters on Nov. 4, 2016.