Kevin Feige, president of Marvel studios has recently revealed the glimpses of the Dark Dimension that will be feature in the “Doctor Strange” movie. It (The Dark Dimension) is also going to be just as colorful and in an extremely psychedelic way like in the early “Doctor Strange” comics.

So what exactly is this Dark Dimension and why a buzz around it? According to Cinemablend, Marvel describes it as a sort of a mystical realm with natural wraps into pocket universes within the universe itself.

What originally looked like a combination of different alternate realities looking like an acid trap, has now transformed into a hellish world or shadowy land. The most famous residents of the Dark Dimension are Dormammu and Umar. There are many more evil things in The Dark Dimension and other occupants including the sorcerer Olnar and the mysterious Veritas.

And then there is Clea, Umar’s daughter, a force of good and Doctor Strange’s love interest. What remained to be seen is if the Dark Dimension will be used to introduce this character, to be played by Rachel McAdams in the movie. Doctor Strange will have to battle many evil beings across different planes to save and protect humanity. But in terms of pure evil, the Dark Dimension ranks at the top reveals Cinemablend.

Newsarama discloses that Mads Mikkelsen has been confirmed as the film’s main villain, but his identity other than that as being a sorcerer, has not been announced.

According to, this “Doctor Strange” movie is slated to hit the screens later this year; but won’t be Marvel’s darkest one, even though vet horror director Scott Derrickson is at the helm of things. It stars Benedict Cumberbatch (Stephen Strange), Rachel McAdams (Christine Palmer), Chiwetel Ejiofor (Baron Mordo), Amy Landecker, Scott Adkins, Michael Stuhlbarg (Nicodemus West), Tilda Swinton (The Ancient One) and Mads Mikklesen.