The standalone movie about Marvel Universe’s Sorcerer Supreme may not be out until November 2016–that’s almost still a year away–but production of the “Doctor Strange” film appears to be fast tracking ahead of schedule.

After it was revealed that Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch would take on the role of the well-known doctor, it was not long before casting for other characters have been revealed.

Now, Screen Rant reports that a new addition to the cast has been introduced. Amy Landecker, who starred in the Amazon series “Transparent”, will join the “Doctor Strange” cast in an unspecified role.

The report further speculates that Landecker could be playing a well-known character from the comics given that her role is being kept under wraps. Among the possibilities pointed out by Screen Rant is that the actress could play Clea, Stephen Strange’s estranged wife who is also involved in the world of sorcery.

Meanwhile, The A.V. Club also offers other characters that Landecker could possibly play. One possibility that the report offered is that the actress could play the character of Sara Wolfe, who serves as assistant to the doctor and later on becomes the director for Strange’s metaphysical institute. Another possibility from the report is that Landecker could take on the role of Morgana Blessing–an author who has major interest in the occult.

Nevertheless, the mystery surrounding Landecker’s role will only add to other mysteries that fans have to solve regarding the upcoming Marvel movie. According to Cinema Blend, Rachel McAdams’ another unspecified role would be interesting to uncover and whether or not Mads Mikkelsen will join the cast is something to look forward to.

Production of the film is currently set in Nepal and is said to feature Stephen Strange after his accident and his early days venturing into the world of magic. It was also reported that scenes filmed in Nepal would feature Dr. Strange’s origin story.

“Doctor Strange” will star Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Tilda Swinton, Rachel McAdams and Michael Stuhlbarg and is set to premiere on November 4, 2016.