For years, Marvel has been extra careful not to spoil anything for fans of their movies. Actors and directors alike have all kept mum about the details of their films. But has a company the studio entrusted to make “Doctor Strange” toys let the cat out of the bag? Did the toy company reveal Mads Mikkelsen’s secret role?

It was earlier confirmed that the actor will appear in “Doctor Strange.” But the exact details of his role were kept from the public. Fans have been trying to figure out which character he will play in the movie. However, according to Heroic Hollywood, fans might no longer need to speculate further. The actor will be playing Kaecilius. Or at least, that’s what the label on the recently leaked “Doctor Strange” toy set says.

Diamond Select Toys made the mini figurines of the movie’s characters. Their “Doctor Strange” toy sets will reportedly be sold in pairs. The Doctor Strange toy will be sold with The Ancient One. The Stephen Strange and Wong toys will be sold with Christina Palmer and Zealot, respectively.

But the toy pairing that made fans extra excited is Mordo and Kaecilius. Mordo will be played by Chiwetel Ejiofor. But the actor playing Kaecilius has not been revealed. Will he really be played by Mikkelsen? Did the toy company reveal this major spoiler by accident?

Marvel Studios has yet to confirm if this really is Mikkelsen’s role. However, according to IGN, the company’s president Kevin Feige’s description of Mikkelsen’s character sounds a lot like Kaecilius. Feige said the actor will play “a sorcerer who breaks off into his own sect,” which is similar to what Kaecilius did in the comic books.

Will Mikkelsen really play Kaecilius? Fans might have to wait for the movie‘s premiere to find out. “Doctor Strange” will not hit the big screen until November 3.