The Doctor Strange movie release date is approaching fast. Every day, there is a new update about the Marvel magic-world series.  The latest buzz is about the Jericho Drumm aka Brother Voodoo cameo in the movie.

For those who are not aware of who Brother Voodoo from Marvel universe is, here is a short intro.

Jericho Drumm trained himself in Voodoo under the guidance of Papa Jambo, and soon became the master of the magical skill. In order to increase his power further, Papa Jambo performed a ritual that summoned Daniel Drumm’s (Jericho’s deceased twin brother) spirit back from the dead and combined it with Jericho’s own. Later on, Jericho succeeded Papa Jumbo.

Why is Brother Voodoo important in the Doctor Strange movie?

In the original comics, at one point, Brother Voodoo traveled to New York City to take over the mind and body of Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme*, Doctor Strange, who eventually freed Brother Voodoo of Damballah’s influence and re-confined the evil god to the wangal. Therefore, his cameo in the Doctor Strange movie is reasonably significant.

*Sorcerer Supreme is a title granted in the fictional Marvel Universe to the practitioner of the magic arts who is bestowed with greater skills than all others in the same field. Sorcerer Supreme is the primary protector of Earth against magical and mystical threats.

The reason for Brother Voodoo’s cameo in Doctor Strange

The upcoming mystical piece of Marvel has already created ripples among fans with its official trailer, spoilers and non-spoilers. Perhaps Kevin Feige and Co. is not yet satisfied. To add more mysticism, the franchise might be introducing Brother Voodoo in Phase 4.

The comic connection

In the recently released Doctor Strange prelude comic book, Daniel Drumm (the twin brother of Brother Voodoo) has already made an appearance loosely teasing Brother Voodoo’s arrival.  Sources like That Hashtag Show are now highly speculating Brother Voodoo will have a brief cameo in the Doctor Strange movie.

It conveyed: “Daniel Drumm’s brother, Jericho, better known as Brother Voodoo, will be making a small cameo in full costume. However, it seems as if it will be a very brief scene, and unless you’re looking for it, you could miss it.”

There are even reports saying Marvel has plans for adding more magicians in the MCU.  Henceforth, it won’t be surprising to see Brother Voodoo guest starring in the Doctor Strange movie. There is no official confirmation so far about Brother Voodoo’s cameo in the Doctor Strange movie.

Doctor Strange is scheduled to be released in Australia on 27 October 2016.