British actress Jenna Coleman revealed that her “Doctor Who” character, Clara Oswald, is “totally in love” with The Doctor.

Coleman has been asked if Clara has feeling for the Doctor, she replied: “She’s totally in love with him, always has been. It’s its own kind of love. He is her hero but she would be very reluctant to tell him that. It’s a doctor-and-companion love, and there’s nothing else like it really.”

Coleman told the Sydney Morning Herald that Clara tried to keep the Doctor under control in the last season, but it is going to be different this season. 

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According to the actress, “Doctor Who” season 9 is all about the best days of the Doctor and his companion, Clara.

“They’re kind of freed of their issues and in a wonderful place together. In the last series she was trying to keep him under control while in this series, the two of them are going ‘Come on, lets jump, lets do it’, egging each other on really, and being more and more reckless,” she teased.  

The 909-year old Doctor is being played by actor Peter Capaldi. This is Capaldi’s second season on the BBC sci-fi series and Coleman’s third and last, USA Today noted. Coleman also played the companion to the previous Doctor, which was played by actor Matt Smith.

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Coleman recently confirmed that she would be leaving “Doctor Who” later this season to play young Queen Victoria in a new BBC series.

Capaldi previously told USA Today he treasures the unusual relationship between the Doctor and Clara. “It’s sort of an utterly platonic bond, which is quite unusual. The problem is the Doctor knows a lot more than he ever says. He knows Clara’s fate. He knows the fate of all his companions before they do.”

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Meanwhile, “Game of Thrones” star Maisie Williams has been confirmed to appear in “Doctor Who” in a guest role although details of her character remain under wraps, USA Today added. 

“Doctor Who” airs on Saturdays at 9 pm ET/PT on BBC America and 7:40 pm on Sundays on ABC in Australia.