The 500th edition of “Doctor Who” magazine is out now and it features Peter Capaldi’s favourite adventures ever. The current Doctor elaborated on the exploits he enjoyed the most during his tenure as the time travelling “Doctor Who.”

The 500th issue features two exclusive interviews with Peter Capaldi. The first one talks about his best quests. “I loved Listen and Heaven Sent because I think I learned new aspects of the Doctor while shooting both of those,” said Capaldi states Mirror. “And the old Tardis in Hell Bent was pretty cool,” he added.

There is another adventure, which, unfortunately, might be Capaldi’s least favourite. This included being punched by Brian Blessed. Metro reveals that the punch was part of a scene for “The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling” but not on the “Doctor Who” series.

“I was doing Tom Jones and playing Squire Western and Peter came towards me in this fight sequence. We did it beautifully and then they insisted on putting one more punch in and – I promise you it’s Peter’s fault because I was Yorkshire schoolboy boxing champion – he put his head forward too quickly and whomp. He’s down, he’s out,” revealed Blessed on the show “Loose Women.”

“We got the death rattle. They rushed him to hospital but course he’d got all these pansy clothes on so they thought he was a transvestite, he added.

Elaborating on the 500th issue, Doctor Who TV explains that the special issue also has a specially commissioned front cover. Capaldi recreates the “Doctor Who” magazine’s first cover ever in this one. It showcases Capaldi posing next to the Dalek in the same precise way as Tom Baker, the fourth Doctor did. Baker was featured on the first cover way back in 1979.

Speaking on the occasion of such a big milestone, Capaldi revealed that he leaned to the monthly publication to help him prepare for his role in the series. “The magazine was enormously helpful to me. When I started playing the Doctor, I was able to get piles of them and dive in,” said Capaldi. “I went out and bought lots of ‘Doctor Who’ Magazines because I deliberately wanted to steep myself in Doctor Who and connect – reconnect – to it in a very kind of visceral way, to the affection and the heartbeat of it,” he added.