The identity of Peter Capaldi’s replacement, should he decide to step away after “Doctor Who” season 10, could be déjà vu for fans.

Speculation remains high over who the next Time Lord could be. Hence, talks of an upcoming regeneration have come up. Yet based on the recent comments from show runner Steven Moffat, the role might go back to Matt Smith. If so, it would be a first for the show.

However, Smith’s return in a cameo role could be better than to pick up where he left last time, James Baldock of Metro posited. For Baldock, the permanent return of the twelfth Doctor could be risky. He also raised a valid point concerning the longevity of the show that has likely lent to its popularity.

“The ability to evolve and adapt is – after all – exactly what’s made Doctor Who last 53 years. Why on earth would anyone want to jeopardize that now?” Baldock wrote. Although Baldock did reckon Moffat’s suggestion could hint at another multi-Doctor story angle.

Since 1972, the show had brought back a former Time Lord in an episode in honor of the anniversary celebration. The tenth Doctor David Tennant joined Matt Smith in “The Day of the Doctor.”

Matt Smith played the role of Time Lord from 2009 to 2013, the Mirror recalled. Since then, he’s appeared in “Terminator Genisys” and “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.” He’s also acted in a number of theatrical productions. Yet the actor has admitted his desire to return to “Doctor Who.” Moffat acknowledged Smith’s admission, which could have prompted him to hint at the possibility of his return. The show runner also revealed he had a hard time convincing Smith to stay then.

Rumors also came out that Irish actor Aidan Turner is a popular candidate for the role of the 13th Doctor after Capaldi. However, he’s reportedly said no in favor of his friend and “Being Human” co-star Russell Tovey.

To date, production for “Doctor Who” season 10 is underway. Recent snapshots from fans showed Matt Lucas, Peter Capaldi, and Pearl Mackie busy on the set in Cardiff, Wales. A video clip shared by a fan online would suggest a lot of action ahead for the show.