Doctor Who season 10 is busily underway and it looks like things are on track for its premiere in April 2017. Yet the rumor about Peter Capaldi’s replacement is far from over.

Despite the assurance of Steven Moffat, it would seem speculations over Peter Capaldi leaving at the end of Doctor Who season 10 cease to die. The exiting showrunner said he saw no reason for him to write off the current Time Lord. Moreover, he guaranteed Capaldi’s love for the role. Hence, it is likely whovians can look forward to more seasons with him in character.

However, another fan theory could have fans thinking otherwise. Yet at the same time, it could just leave them in shock over how elaborate the idea is. As a primer, it takes into consideration the revival of Doctor Who back in 2005. Incidentally this is when Moffat came on board as showrunner. Throughout this time, four actors have assumed the role of Time Lord with Peter Capaldi currently at the helm.

According to redditor masauka, each representation portrays the “five stages of grief.” The ninth Time Lord Christopher Eccleston represented Denial. The next Doctor, David Tennant was Anger then Matt Smith personified Bargaining. Thus, Peter Capaldi now represents Depression. Therefore, the next Doctor might stand for Acceptance. Yet what does this mean for the Thirteenth Doctor?

Radio Times surmised it could mean someone who is more fun. Likely in contrast to the current image portrayed by Peter Capaldi. Hence, it might suggest a return the classic character of the Time Lord when the Time War business stayed in the past. Hence, it could allow the story to venture elsewhere and fans might welcome the idea.

Yet the publication also took note of the theory’s lack of sophistication with its interpretations of each Time Lord. The emotions attributed to a specific Doctor can very well apply to the others. Even the fun factor it promises with the next Time Lord was present in Peter Capaldi’s predecessors. Nevertheless, it does offer an interesting albeit unique theory.

Doctor Who season 10 premieres in April 2017.