“Doctor Who” expects the arrival of a new companion for its lead star Peter Capaldi. It is still unknown who would join the Doctor on his adventures. However, wouldn’t it be an amusing twist if an alien would join the show?

“Doctor Who” fans would likely be excited over the prospect of an alien on the show. Sorry to say, that won’t happen just yet for season 10. Hopefully, Capaldi’s hints would give a better idea of what to expect from his new companion. Take note, he referred to his future companion as a she, Zap2It reported. Zap2It cited excerpts from his interview with La Lata TV in Mexico.

“I think the companion has to be someone who’s not so impressed by the Doctor – she’s not an assistant, she’s not a servant, she can’t be that,” Capaldi told La Lata TV. Zap2It also noted Capaldi’s insight into what the companion’s role means to the show.

“She has to be someone who really says, ‘Are you sure that’s the right thing to do? What are you doing?’ and also doesn’t take him seriously,” Capaldi explained.

He described his new companion in an earlier interview. He revealed that this time it would be someone who knows very little about the Doctor. This is different from his recent companion Clara Oswald, played by actress Jenna Coleman, who had a fair understanding of who his character is.

Recent rumours hinted at actress Rakhee Thakrar as the new Clara. She left “EastEnders” last February, so her schedule is open if she accepts the role.

The show also considered the prospect of a male companion for the Doctor. However, that’s unlikely as Capaldi considered it a bad idea. When asked about it, he gave Radio Times a specific reason why not.

“…I don’t want a bloke, because I’m frightened that they’ll give him all the action and I’ll be standing around spouting scientific gobbledygook,” Capaldi said.

“…I want to chase the Zygons!,” he added. Capaldi noted a younger male companion would likely take away his chance to have fun on set.