“Doctor Who” season 10 looks headed for action as revealed by a leaked scene from the set.

Production is underway in Cardiff as Twelve aka Peter Capaldi shot scenes with Bill (played by actress Pearl Mackie). Local fans were quick to take snapshots of their first shoot and the activities on set, Enstarz reported.

One Whovian might have caught the biggest spoiler of the show to date. A video uploaded to Twitter by @ryxnf showed Bill sprinting towards what could be the TARDIS, the publication suggested. She didn’t seem to mind the chill and looked in a hurry to get to where she was going.


Photos shared on Flickr from a different angle on the set showed Bill standing in front of the Doctor’s ship. However, her gaze focused upwards as the Doctor watched her from the side. Flipping through the images reveals her approach to the TARDIS and eventual entry alongside Capaldi. Her debut seems to involve a lot of running. Another image from Huw Evans Agency showed her in action during a street scene.

Her costumes on set certainly make her ready for action, Mail Online noted. Moreover, the Doctor’s newest assistant seems to have an “extensive wardrobe” this time around, the publication wrote. Hence, many thought Bill was from the eighties because of her funky outfits, Science Fiction reported. Steve Moffat “Doctor Who” lead writer and executive producer clarified details about Bill’s background.

“She’s from now, yeah. I know there are rumors about her being from the 1980s, but she isn’t. She’s just wearing what young people are wearing now. I know that, because Pearl chose her outfit herself,” Moffat told the publication.

Wales Online also reported Matt Lucas’ presence on location in Cardiff. The English comedian reprises his role as Nardole, who first appeared in the 2015 Christmas special. He again sports the signature duffle coat of his character. Peter Capaldi gave away some hints about what to expect from season 10, Radio Times reported.

“I think it’s a very action-packed season. It’s a lot of space exploration, and a lot of excitement and drama,” Capaldi said. The actor also hinted at a cosmic threat.

“I love him really battling it out to save the universe from some awful threat which is cosmic. And I think we’ve got quite a lot of that coming up, so I’m looking forward to taking the Doctor to the forefront of the cosmic battlefield,” Capaldi added. Thus, the upcoming season could be less dramatic.

“It might be a little less emotional, sort of. I think the emotional elements of it will come as a surprise to people,” Capaldi revealed about “Doctor Who” season 10.