“Doctor Who” fans are in for a surprise. Captain Jack Harkness may have just confirmed his return to the Tardis.

Actor John Barrowman was recently in Cardiff for the book signing of his new book titled “Conjuror.” “Conjuror” is co-authored by Barrowman and his sister, Carole. The book is in the young adult genre and is aimed for teenagers and adults alike. After the event at Waterstones in Hayes, the actor and his sister headed home to London.

He shot a video in the car thanking book lovers and fans for attending the event, states Wales Online. It has been uploaded on the actor’s Facebook account and already got a lot of fan comments. “Thank you very much Cardiff, that was awesome. Loads of people showed up and bought lots of books,” said Barrowman. “We’re going back to London now, and I’m going to be back in Cardiff in about a week and a half. But I’m not telling you what for!” he added. The video shows Carole quipping at the back, “I’ll tell you!”

Barrowman’s video has received a lot of comments and fans can’t help but be curious. “So, you are coming to do ‘Doctor Who’ xmas special are you?” asked James Swadling, a fan. “Please say its so [smile emoticon] will the old Torchwood hub be involved?” he added.

Another fan revealed how she misses Captain Harkness. “Oh, Captain Jack Harkness, I miss you on ‘Doctor Who!’ I hope that this return to Cardiff means that you’ll be coming back!” said Heather Runser. “If not to the Doctor, maybe a Torchwood relaunch? We can only hope …” she added. There were many others who requested the actor to relaunch “Torchwood.”

Den of Geek informs that Barrowman’s location and news is very interesting because Cardiff is synonymous with the “Doctor Who” production. At this stage, neither the makers nor Barrowman have confirmed anything. However, the idea of having Peter Capaldi and Captain Harkness on the screen together is amazing.