With Doctor Blake Mysteries season 4 already wrapped up, many fans are wondering what season 5 will offer. It seems another mystery solver may be joining Doctor Lucien Blake in Ballarat.

Rumors have been swirling that ‘Sherlock’ actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, has been eyed to star in an Australian TV Show. Given his background as a crime-solving detective in the British TV series and a war code cryptanalyst in “The Imitation Game”, it’s almost a perfect idea to have Cumberbatch join “The Doctor Blake Mysteries. Especially since season 5 might just be around the corner.

However, a recent report by News.com.au dismissed all the talks of him starring alongside Craig McLachian. Nothing to be sad about though, as BC is still among the top prospects to star in yet another Aussie TV series…and a new one at that.

The creators of the ABC series have sealed a deal to turn a new series of books into another crime, mystery television hit.

Authors Meg and Tom Keneally have confirmed that their ‘Monsarrat’ books have been picked up by Doctor Blake Mysteries heads and will be turned into a 10-part drama. The book series revolves around Hugh Llewellyn Monsarrat, a former prisoner-turned-lawman who will solve murder mysteries to stay out of a jail.

“I envisaged Hugh as a mix of Benedict Cumberbatch and Daniel Day Lewis,” Meg revealed, notes News.com.au.

“Hugh is tall and dark and gangly with a slightly longish nose and a little bit unworldly. He has got to solve these mysteries to keep his freedom but in a way that doesn’t upset the authorities. His housekeeper is at least half the brains behind the operation.”

The show is currently in talks with production companies in US and UK to possibly bring the tv show project to a bigger audience. It will take on the working title “The Gates of Hell.”

As for Cumberbatch, aside from filming Sherlock Season 4, he recently wowed critics at a press screening for the second cycle of ‘The Hollow Crown.’ According to BBC America, the actor “steals the show” as Richard III, the Duke of York’s third son.

‘The Hollow Crown’ is a three-part special based on William Shakespeare’s History Plays and is scheduled to air in the UK on May 2016.