Fans of role-playing games are excited as “The Division” release is on the verge. The united community of the open-world role-playing is overjoyed with the upcoming release.

The narrative of the game deals about the outbreak of a virus in New York City on Black Friday. The United States military were able to cope at the beginning and ensured that America’s greatest city outlives the crisis.

Anarchy began once the virus started spreading. The military is then taken out of the city, which is left on its own, says Forbes.

 Players are sleeper agents of a shadowy agency residing within the ruins. With the absence of authority, it’s up to the agents to help the uninfected population, help experts find a cure and keep the power hungry rouge groups at bay.

The following are tips you need to know before The Division releases on March 8.

 You’ll need to wait for servers even if you get an early copy

If you have already got an early copy of The Division before the release date, you cant start the game ahead if the others.

The installed copy of The Division on your PC, Xbox One or PS4 is nothing but a client. It will only become functional once it communicates with servers.

Pre-loading is must if you have pre-ordered digitally

If the game is bought ahead of its release, you can begin downloading so that it’s ready when the actual release date arrives.

As sizes of video games aren’t becoming smaller, pre-loading is important.

The installation must be started immediately

All of the Xbox One and PS4 games need to be installed before playing them. Do install your disc copy of the game ahead of time, if you are planning to visit the Dark Zone in the game with your fellow gamers at a specific time.

You can also make your move to configure your character, says Gotta Be Mobile.

The Season Pass can be purchased separately

The Season Pass can be purchased from GameStop, Amazon, Xbox, Steam and UPlay.

That season pass is a gateway to exclusive events and three different expansions over the game’s availability for the first year.

However, if you don’t buy the Season Pass, you’ll get free upgrades from time to time.

The Division Agent Origins’ free gears can be redeemed

You can take out some time to get The Division Agents Origins gear sets that Ubisoft is giving users for free, in most territories.

You will get a few different looks to choose form when the game launches.

You’ll need an Internet connection

Though the game has a story experience, you cannot play the game without Internet access