The stage is heating up with “The Division” planned to be rolling out early next month. Ubisoft is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the title meets a desirable fate.

Last week we heard about some neat post-launch expansion and update plans. These included: the New York City “Underground,” the “Survival” as well as the “Last Stand” expansions.

Now, some more exciting news has come to light. As noted by Gamespot, “The Division” will allow for console players to tweak graphical settings much like the PC players. It turns out that ardent gamers will be in a position to change lighting settings in order to improve frame rate. The players will have the liberty to sharpen images as well as make changes to certain graphical setting including the chromatic aberration.

As a part of the Team Epiphany preview, on NeoGAF, the Ubisoft developer shared, “You can disable certain lighting aspects to improve frame rates in the console versions.” He added, “I don’t know of another game that does that. So if you want to choose frame rate over visuals, you can if you want.”

“One good thing about The Division is we’ve always considered the PC as a separate platform,” he continued. “We do have to keep it in check with the consoles; it would be kind of unfair to push it so far away from them. But it’s been good having a dedicated PC build for this game.”

“I’m really happy that we’re pushing the PC build as much as we are; there’s a lot more customized options than the console.”

“The Division” is gearing up for a launch on March 8 and an Xbox One bundle consisting of a copy of the game with a 1 TB system will be made available starting on the day of the release. Ardent players can keep coming back for more updates on their favourite title.