Following 3AW’s suggestion earlier this week, Melbourne’s nomination for Disneyland’s residence in Australia has caught enough attention among Australians.

3AW’s columnist Rita Panahi said that Melbourne has not been performing well as far as theme park department was concerned. Melbourne has Luna Park, but it has witnessed a downfall in attracting the attention of public. The suggestion on 3AW of constructing Disneyland in Melbourne has given Melburnians a light of hope. According to, the idea could work. The Gold Coast region and Sydney have surpassed Melbourne with the establishment of amusement parks for its residents.

The Weekly Review stated that Gold Coast and Sydney already have some attractive parks to please tourists. The establishment of a Disneyland in Melbourne will not only develop the city but also let people grow thereby creating several jobs in the fields of construction, hospitality, marketing, entertainment, etc. The report said that Melbourne is the most liveable city in the world and hence it would prove to be the best place to set up a “happiest place on Earth.”

When it came to building up a Disneyland in Australia, it was Docklands that topped the list as an alternative. Docklands Community Association President Roger Gardner appreciated the idea. “We haven’t discussed that with anybody at this time but I would say it’s a reasonable idea to consider,” he said. It would bring people to the area but where you would build it would be a key consideration.”

According to Gardner, there are lots of things that can be done to improve the Docklands area that has been started to be considered as an “urban wasteland.” He advocated that it is tourism that plays a vital role in developing an area. “It needs people for the commercial side of things, shops need patronage,” he said. “Tourists are attracted to the water and views at Docklands, it’s an attractive place, so in that sense, I think it’s a good idea to get people to the area.”