Disney has announced that it will soon have a Latina in its increasingly diverse list of animated characters as Disney Channel will premiere the first episode of “Elena of Avalor” next month.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the animated show will focus on the story of Elena, a courageous teenager who headed the offensive against a powerful evil sorceress named Shuriki. After the battles, she will struggle with life as a crowned princess as she has to wait to be old enough to be the kingdom’s queen.

The voice cast of “Elena of Avalor” will be led by Dominican-American actress Aimee Carrero, who previously appeared in Freeform’s “Young & Hungry.”

Jenna Ortega will also play Princess Isabel, Elena’s younger sister while Carlos Alazraqui, Chris Parnell and Yvette Nicole Brown will portray the magical flying creatures Skylar, Migs and Luna.

Ivonne Coll, Lou Diamond Phillips, Danny Trejo and Constance Marie will also make guest appearances as members of the voice cast.

Despite being set in a fantasy universe, the show will “incorporate influences from diverse Latin and Hispanic cultures” including folklore, traditions, music, architecture, art and food.

Elena first appeared in a special episode of “Sofia the First” on Disney Junior in early 2015 where Sofia restored Elena to her human form after decades of inactivity inside an amulet, MTV News reported.

“Our creative team has delivered a universal story with themes that authentically reflect the hopes and dreams of our diverse audience,” executive vice-president and general manager of Disney Junior Worldwide Nancy Kanter said.

In recent years, Disney has made significant strides in incorporating diverse cultures into its films including its first African-American princess Tatiana in “The Princess and the Frog” and its first Polynesian princess in the upcoming film “Moana.”

“Elena of Avalor” will make its one-hour debut episode on Friday, July 22 at 7 pm on the Disney Channel.