For the fans of Dishonored 2, there is some news which might upset them. As per a recent buzz, there are some changes in the gameplay.  Are you guessing it right? Are supernatural powers removed?  Here is the story.

During a live chat show with Game Spot, Harvey Smith, the game director summarized a fresh challenge mode which lets the player access as Emily Kaldwin. She can opt to refuse The Outsider’s offer of powers, allowing the player to complete the full game sans any supernatural assistance. This is for those players who wish for an extra challenge to take.

As per Smith’s revelation, when Emily meets The Outsider, the mysterious man who has given supernatural abilities to Corvo in the first Dishonored, she can in fact turn his offer down. Not just this, she can play the entire game sans powers like Blink, a teleport move, or Domino, the chain-reaction ability.

Smith calls this style of play, “Flesh and Steel.” He took us back to an accomplishment in the original Dishonored called “Mostly Flesh and Steel.” If you can remember, it challenged players to complete the game without buying any supernatural abilities, except for Blink.

During Bethesda’s E3 press conference, Dishonored 2’s first gameplay was revealed. This was also the first instance when one saw Corvo or heard his new voice.

The powers in Dishonored 2 look like going to offer endless fun to the fans. The players looking for a challenge after completing the game will love this new development says V G 24 7.

It was at E3 conference, publisher Bethesda had unveiled the first gameplay footage of developer Arkane Studios’ highly-anticipated stealth action-adventure, Dishonored 2.  The clipping unveiled a lot thrilling and stirring details like the game’s characters, mechanics and setting.

This new announcement might appear as a shock but soon the twist in the development works as a pleasant surprise to the fans of Dishonored series.

Dishonored 2 will release on November 11.