Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff is on the verge of losing her job. Rousseff’s allies are starting to abandon her  as her impending impeachment is slowing becoming a reality.

The president has held last-minute talks with legislators. She has been lobbying congress members and party leaders for support.

Apparently, President Dilma Rousseff is accused of manipulating government accounts.  However, she is saying that the accusation is false. In the mean time, her supporters and opponents are rallying in Brasilia, reported BBC.

Vice President Michel Temer is the head of centrist Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PMDB), which is the biggest force in Rousseff’s leftist coalition government. PMDB played the role of a King maker for years, but in March decided to quit and join the opposition to impeach Rousseff, as reported by The Japan Times.

It has been estimated that the impeachment is almost unavoidable as Rousseff’s opponents have enough vote for the motion to carry. Besides, the country’s Supreme Court has rejected a motion seeking to block the impeachment vote.

The move will strengthen the possibility of Temer becoming the next president.   The constitutional scholar, as well as, a lawyer, Temer has always maintained low key. But after Rousseff’s fall, he might hold the country’s supreme position. The seventy-five-year-old Temer has come into the limelight only after his marriage to a 32-year-old former beauty contestant.

Rousseff, the meanwhile, accused Temer of conspiracy and stated that he manipulated the impeachment proceedings.

Sixty-eight-year-old Rousseff suggested that a widely distributed audio message of Temer is the proof that he is conspiring against her. In the audio, he has accepted that he will replace her as a president. However, she did not take his name while making the accusation.

In the leaked audio recording, Temer has been practising his speech which he would give after replacing Rousseff.

Rousseff after the leak said, “We are living in strange and worrying times, times of a coup and pretending and treachery. Yesterday they used the pretence of a leak to give the order for the conspiracy.”

The picture of Vice President Temer smiling at the yes vote to impeachment further strengthens the accusation made by Rousseff.

The President in one of her statement said, “They want to convict an innocent woman and save the corrupt.”

She also accused her opponents of “fraud and lies” to bring down a “legitimately elected government.”

Emphasising on her innocence she commented, “This is a coup against the republic, against democracy and above all against the votes of all Brazilians who participated in the electoral process.”