Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff claimed on Tuesday that her removal from the nation’s top position was a result of a planned coup as well as gender discrimination.

The president defended herself by saying the fiscal practices that were being considered for her impeachment were half-truths on the basis of why she lost the nation’s top position. On a question asked by a reporter, Rousseff said that sexism was also a “strong component” that played a significant role in her removal as the president. She claimed that some people take women as a nervous creature who feels pressure. “I am not this way. I’m not nervous, I’m not hysterical,” she said as quoted by CNN.

According to reports, the first female president of Brazil was accused of violating budgetary laws. She reportedly borrowed money from state banks to cover up the national deficit and also paid for the organisation and conduction of popular social programs. In addition, she claimed that such practices were very common in the nation. However, local newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo cited Central Bank of Brazil’s figures and analysed the matter. It reportedly discovered that Rousseff took the practice much further than former leaders of the nation.

Following this revelation, the Brazilian government moved towards the president’s impeachment on Sunday where the lower house of Congress voted for the case to be sent to Senate. According to The New York Times, it is believed that the upper house will refer her for a trial. It is expected that Vice President Michel Temer will be the next president if Rousseff is removed from the position.

Rousseff, however, seemed consistent in saying she fell victim to the half-truths. She said on Monday that she will be fighting against the impeachment that has no legal basis. She added she would get an opportunity to present her defense in the senate as there has been no evidence of corruption against her. Rousseff used the same base for defense on Tuesday. “I want to let you know when you are suffering an injustice or a coup like this you have several options,” she said. “When you have dignity, the only way out is to resist,” she said.