The reveal of “Digimon Universe Appli Monsters” had so much in store for “Digimon” fans.  Its new anime, which is the first project of the whole franchise, will set its debut later this year.

According to Anime News Network, the whole cast, including the staff, was revealed yesterday. Along with it were two promotional videos for both the anime and an upcoming arcade game machine.

As mentioned in Crunchyroll, the story of “Digimon Universe” will revolve around a new protagonist, Haru Shinkai. Haru acquires a gadget called the “Appli Drive” which is able to bring Appli monsters to life. With his newfound gadget, the first Appli monster he encounters is a search app named Gacchimon. This is also the monster that has been featured ever since the anime’s first teaser.

Appli monsters are creatures that inhabit smartphones and is also their world. Life continues on with the balance between the world of humans and the world of Appli monsters. That is, until, AI Leviathan injects a virus thus hacking into everyone’s systems.

Haru aims to bring back that balance as he learns more about his Appli Drive, different Appli monsters, and what AI Leviathan is up to. On his journey, Haru will find out that new Appli monsters can be obtained through combining other Appli monsters. Will this be enough for Haru to defeat AI Leviathan?

The interesting cast of the anime also came from other famous anime such as “Dragonball XenoVerse” and “Code Geass”. They are as follows:

  • Yumi Uchiyama as Haru Shinkai
  • Kokoro Kikuchi as Gacchimon
  • Wakaru Takagi as the Appli Drive

With the anime, the official release showcased a phone app, a Digivice, Nintendo 3DS games , action figures, and a lot more. The anime will serve as a jump start to future projects.

Haven’t seen the official trailer for the franchise or the anime yet? Check it out below.