Fans of Billy Epstein and Julie Kessle need not wait any longer. The duo will finally return after almost a year long break. Another hilarious installment of their hit comedy series will premiere on the small screen this week. What does Difficult People Season 2 have in store for viewers this time?

If the show’s Facebook teaser proves correct, Billy just might get a boyfriend next season. Or at least, a date with Doug, “a gay man… who’s hot and [his] type.” Could his “bold” move really give him a significant other? Could they really last through the season? Or is their hilariously awkward first encounter in the teaser also their last?

According to, things might not go as smoothly for Billy at first. Spoiler Alert! He will ask Doug out as part of his bid to take more risks. Doug would not be able to respond right away, though.

KNOW YOUR DIFFICULT PEOPLE: The Scumbag: "Yeah, I'd like to bang chicks more, but I'm in a committed relationship with myself right now." | Watch the full teaser – link in bio.

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Before things get more awkward between them, another guy will walk in and introduce himself as Doug’s sign language interpreter. He explains that Doug agrees to dinner with Billy.  Former “America’s Next Top Model” winner Nyle DiMarco will join Difficult People Season 2 as Doug. Meanwhile, actor Billy Eichner will be reprising his role of Billy next season.

Will their characters’ dinner date prove successful? Fans might have to tune in to find out, since producers have yet to confirm whether or not DiMarco will appear in more than one episode.

Difficult People Season 2 premieres on Hulu on July 12. The show’s second installment will be longer than the first by two episodes. The upcoming season will kick off with “Unplugged” and “Kessler Epstein Foundation,” the first two episodes of the season. The third episode, “Italian Piñata,” will  meanwhile air next week. Hulu has yet to confirm the titles of the other seven episodes, though. Stay tuned for updates.

Check out the trailer for Difficult People Season 2 below.