Prince Charles was involved in a car crash with a deer while driving in Balmoral in Scotland. The Prince of Wales emerged unscathed during the accident that occurred over the weekend. However, the status of the deer is unknown.

The 67-year-old heir to the throne was driving an Audi A4 at the Allroad Estate in Balmoral, the Mirror reports. The car was badly damaged and was seen by a specialist mechanic for repair.

The Clarence House spokeswoman did not comment on the accident. Nevertheless, the Prince was clearly shaken by the accident.

The accident happened at the time when the royal family started their annual visit to Balmoral and participated in public engagements, which also included Queen Elizabeth’s yearly visit with the family to the Braemar Highland Games.

Apparently, red deers are often involved in accidents. Drivers frequently have a brush with them, and even the most careful drivers, such as Prince Charles, cannot really do anything about it.

According to the Guardian, between 40,000 and 75,000 deers get killed during car accidents in the UK alone. These accidents also cause over 450 human injuries and deaths annually, as well as cost drivers millions of damage to their vehicles.

When a driver hits a deer, he is not required to stop or report the accident to the police.

On another news, Prince Charles commissioned a Buckingham Palace replica in Poundbury, Dorset in the Duchy of Cornwall. The building was designed by Quinlan and Francis Terry and was created as the centerpiece of Queen Mother Square, Prince Charles’s tribute to his late grandmother, the Queen Mother.

The building differs in color from the original Buckingham Palace. Still, its facade truly resembles its London counterpart, with its neoclassical style pillars, doorways and overall shape.

Quinlan and Francis Terry are renowned architects who are also known to have created other properties of the British government and the Royal family.