A tax return released by the Sanders campaign on Friday night, showed that Bernie and Jane Sanders earned nearly $266,718 in 2014. It also said that they have paid about $28,000 in federal taxes. So, if you thought he lied about his income, you are wrong. He did not.

According to the return, it has been released that the couple earned almost $59,558 in Social Security benefits. It was also reported that the couple donated $10811 in gifts.

However, the seven-page tax return released by the campaign did not provide further detail.

Get the complete tax returns here.

According to Pix 11, their total untouched gross earning was $266,222, together. Majority of the earnings came from Sanders’ Senate salary of $225,286.

On the other hand, Jane Sanders collected $6,344. It’s her salary as a commissioner with the Texas Low Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Compact Commission.

Hillary Clinton was knocked by Sanders for not revealing transcripts of her speeches to Goldman Sachs during Thursday’s Brooklyn debate. However, she fired back by asking when he was going to release his taxes.

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In response, Sanders then pledged that he will release his 2014 tax return on Friday.

Clinton released the last eight years of her tax returns in July. According to her campaign, 38 years of Clinton tax returns was made accessible for the press over the course of her career since 1977.

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A statement was not immediately released by Sanders along with the return. Sanders’ campaign manager Jeff Weaver, told CNN on Friday night that “there’s not really much there to be trying to dump.”

“It’s just a question of getting it out,” he added.

According to CNN, the disclosure of the tax return endorsed an oath Sanders made at the CNN Democratic debate to release his 2014 taxes.

“Look, I don’t want to get anybody very excited,” Sanders said. “They are very boring tax returns. No big money from speeches, no major investments. Unfortunately — unfortunately, I remain one of the poorer members of the United States Senate. And that’s what that will show.”